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Ask the Elder is a monthly subscription service offering “Wisdom on Demand.” It’s a quick phone call, text, or email with Dr. Bob. This quick access can give you a fresh perspective, based on history and experience that only a “wise guy” can provide.

This is not a major, hours-long, in-depth conversation – a “whole meal.” It’s a snack, a quick pick-me-up attitude adjustment that we need and want NOW, in the moment.

Think of a recent example of a time when it would have really been nice to talk to someone who would understand, who could be calm FOR YOU while you figured things out.

They say “a stitch in time saves nine.” This means – solve problems when they are small. Don’t wait for them to get bigger and more costly. A quick, timely, focused interaction with Dr. Bob can save time and money over the long haul – at being 90 years old, Dr. Bob knows about the long haul.

Dr. Bob can help anyone who is in crisis, personally or in their business, to decide on next steps. To realize the value in actions taken, to regain awareness of the reality, and to see a vision for opportunities on the horizon, ASK THE ELDER.

Ask the Elder – Relief and wisdom are just a phone call away!

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Transition Guidance

“My work is to guide clients through transitions.” – Dr. Bob Stecker

Transitions are a constant part of our life. Some may need guidance from time to time, especially when going through a particularly rough spot.

What does a guide (Elder) do?

  • The guide has extensive experience and “knows the territory.” So, the guide can take you directly to where the action is, cutting down on search time and “wandering in the wilderness.”
  • The guide helps you to clarify specifically: what really are your goals? The guide then points out options appropriate to accomplish these goals.
  • Metaphorically speaking, the guide leads you to the best places to hunt, fish, or take photographs.  Once there, of course YOU do your own hunting and fishing. The experience is yours.

The toughest part of problem-solving is in clarifying what, specifically, is the problem. After finding clarity, the solutions appear.

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the one most Intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Anonymous, spuriously attributed to Charles Darwin

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Meet Dr. Bob Stecker

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  • 25 years as  Theater Director
  • 25 years as Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 19 years as Transition Guide
  • 90 years of life, 69 of which were spent preparing for his present focus
  • Dr. Bob has 3 children, 7 grandchildren. No great-grandchildren yet. His wife, Beth, died of cancer in 1980.
  • He loves his work so much that he does not plan to retire!
  • Dr. Bob brings the wisdom of The Elder to his work.

As a Theater Director, Dr. Bob learned that he does not write the play, nor act in it.  Every play must have a struggle, or else there is no play.  Life is like that, too.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Bob learned how to deal with and re-frame relationship issues so life can move on.

As a Transition Guide, he focuses on WHAT WORKS, rather than what is deficient. He seeks to “clone” the strengths and propagate them. The client is strengthened, and finds answers within themselves.

As an Elder, he offers his wisdom to individuals and to the broader community – but only when asked. He lives in appreciation and wonder at life’s unfolding. He understands the inevitability of change, and welcomes it. He listens for the wisdom in others, so that they can begin to hear it, too.

Dr. Bob has integrated his rich life experiences. He helps those to know they can rewrite their life’s scripts so they have a standing ovation life-journey. He uses gentle humor, which can evolve in the absurd, to deal with the most serious of the serious.

Core Focuses

Dr. Bob’s core focuses are Clarity and Un-covery.

CLARITY: Uncluttered vision makes it possible for new wisdom to come forth. Clarity provides comfort and confidence about where to focus. One of his favorite sayings is, “To win the Tug-of-War, let go of the rope!” Clarity frees growth energy to see unidentified gifts.

UN-COVERY: “Un-covery” brings forth the answers within. The task is to bring them forth, unwrap them, figure out the instruction book, and then use them to enrich one’s life.

Might you benefit from working with Dr. Bob?

  • Are you thinking of changing careers?
  • Would you like to improve a relationship with your partner, or within your family?
  • Would you like your work/business life to be more efficient, effective, even joyful?
  • Are you preparing for the next phase of your shifting life-journey?
  • Would you like help with a cross-generational family issue, before things reach a critical state?
  • Would you like to leverage your relationship strengths to enrich your career and business life?
  • Would you like a shot of wisdom, and old fashioned “horse sense?”

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, or if they helped you to clarify another concern, Dr. Bob Stecker is able to help. He works with individuals, family units, couples; CEOs, business owners, and as a “Resident Elder” Consultant in dynamic business and not-for-profit organizations. He also offers a monthly subscription service for “wisdom on demand,” Ask the Elder. 

Contact Dr. Bob to arrange for a no-charge phone interview.

Other Details

  • LOCATION: Dr. Bob’s office is conveniently located near the Medical Center. Call for parking information. If preferred, Dr. Bob also offers video chat consultations and appointments via Skype or FaceTime.
  • FEES: Initial phone interview is at no charge. When you and Dr. Bob have agreed to work together, you can choose whether to pay by the hour, OR for a monthly flat fee which includes unlimited access.
  • SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Need a speaker for your organization? Ask Dr. Bob! Contact to inquire.


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